Month: May 2012

Lost in His Love


          One day as I reflected on my personal and spiritual growth within the past months, I logged onto facebook. Lo and behold a friend’s facebook question “coincidentally” fell into line with my exact thoughts at that moment.  Susie Larson’s question read: How are you STRONGER today, than you were a year ago?  Continuing to dwell on that question, I knew where my growth stemmed from.  Some trials and tribulations caused me to pause and re-assess my dilemma and choice of outcome.  However, the true source of my responses came from having a trust in God like never before.  I had truly grown to trust Him; Believing Him with the details in my life and the unanswered questions that plagued me.  Now, my humble response to Him is Lord, I trust you.  I may not understand, but I trust You-  All is well.  I had finally figured out the secret to a sustaining relationship with Him.  The satisfaction of knowing that Jesus deeply cares for me and has my best interest at His Heart.  These epiphanies came, because I decided to let go.  I made a choice to be sooo lost in His Love!  It was no longer lip service, but my heart and will was inclined to His.  As a result, my smiles are wider and my laughter is hearty!  I know, without a shadow of doubt that I’m His.  And as long as I continue to hold His Hand, I will forever be Lost in His Love.

 Matthew 10: 39 – Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it (NIV).

May you release your plans and your life to Him.  Let go and LIVE!


My Intention, His Plan


It’s amazing how we can attempt to plan our day ahead, based on our day(s) before.  I had experienced a day in which I was emotionally and physically drained.  Exhausted is more like it.  In addition, I began to hold grudges and resentment toward others because of the wrong I felt was done to me.  My plan was to be silent and disengaged.  In other words- Everyone, leave me alone!  As a result, my plan of action was set (or so I thought) as I told God the night before how I wanted to be alone. Furthermore, asking if He could create an atmosphere of some sort to ensure my wish was granted.  My job consists of ongoing communication with employees and clients alike.  How was I going to achieve that feat?  I had no clue.  Perhaps I could send some non-verbal vibe that indicated quiet time was sufficient for that day. Little did I know what lay ahead.  What I wasn’t prepared for, was the plan He had in mind on that specific day. The gift He wanted me to use for His Glory.  He planned my day in which a message would be conveyed through me to the ones He had in mind.  What became my intentions of silence (under disgruntled motives), turned into words of encouragement, confirmation, and prayers of blessings to others.  That was His will for my life on that day.  In turn, I too was blessed, encouraged, and re-affirmed of what He had in mind for my life. As my attitude of frustration and hurt changed into accepting His plan, I was reminded of the gift He entrusted to me. This gift placed on the inside was not meant for my eyes and ears only.  It would be a disservice to God and His children, if I buried my talents based on a bad day or emotional barometer!

Proverbs 19:21- Many are the plans in a person’s heart.  But it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.  (NIV)


So, in obedience and submission to my Heavenly Father I want to re-introduce A Single Moment: Encouraging Hearts, Inspiring Minds.  May your soul be refreshed, your heart restored, and may your faith be renewed as He transforms your life with relentless pursuit.  Let’s go on this journey together!