Month: June 2012

Quitting is NOT an Option


          Talking to a client one day, I listened to her story as she held back frustration and tears.  Single parent, low-income, and trying to achieve educational goals, brought her to the place of weariness.  In addition to the toils of day to day living, her obstacle consisted of finding victory in a class that proved to be difficult.  Her words rang out like a bell, “Ms. Seals I want to quit.  I’m tired.  I’m trying my best, but it’s so hard right now.”  She, like many of us are in the middle of our particular story; purely in the thick of it.  Where pressure is high and problems appear bigger than our purpose.  But isn’t it odd, that just before the break of day, our second wind comes in?  Be it a friend, a word, a song, or smile- something there to remind us to keep going, because there’s more in store.  As I’ve told her, you’ve come too far to give up!  Quitting, my dear is not an option.  So, I’m telling you- It’s far too easy to stop reading your great chapter or novel, when in the midst of your trial.  But oh what great lessons and ultimate joy missed if you chose to stop.  With that being said—take a deep breath, regain your composure and know that God and life is calling you to endure until the end!  YOU CAN DO THIS. And therefore my dear, quitting Is NOT an option!

Philippians 4:13 (KJV) I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.