Month: November 2016

How to Rest in God’s Appointed Time

At last, Fall has arrived. One of my favorite seasons where soups become the main attraction and turtlenecks are always on the agenda. As God displays another facet of Himself, summer breezes are exchanged for cool and crisp air. The lush of green transforms into deeper hues. Letting us all know who’s in control. Taking one look at creation, I’m reminded that God’s sovereign Hand is on all seasons. Those we can and cannot see. He reminds me that singleness too, is a season. And with all beginnings, there comes an end.



If I had my way, my single journey would have concluded at the age of 25. That was my desire years ago. However, God had other plans and I’m so glad He did! I needed to learn Spiritual and  life lessons, I needed to understand the beauty of growth from His perspective.

The transformation that He’s doing in my life has left me speechless at times. What began as a nuisance has been one of the most biggest blessings in my life.

When we stop fighting His plan and timing, we discover peace , rest, and His Best plan for our lives.

As you grow deeper in Christ, your perspective about timing should evolve from uncertainty to trust. God understands the frustration singleness and waiting can bring. However, trusting the Author of Time means that we can rest in Him.

He’s never missed an appointment in the past or present. Nor does he plan to do so in the future.

Our season before we say I do is valuable to Him. Just as He makes sure the leaves and grass transform on time, God continues to stick to His promise and timing with us.

His schedule is your protection.

In this season, draw closer to God no matter how long it takes to usher your new beginning. The Creator of the universe will NOT miss His appointment with you.


God Bless.

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11

There is a time for everything, and a season for every

activity under heaven…..

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Picture courtesy of Flickr