Don’t fear, Be BRAVE!


I hardly ever flock to the movies to see a “kid’s film”.  However, this one was different.  In fact, before the movie made its debut I was intrigued and even felt summoned to see it.  The movie I’m talking about is called Brave, and perhaps this calling was right on time for me.  Why?  At this moment, with an exciting yet great venture and unknown looming before my very eyes, I need more courage.  More courage to take that step of faith. More courage to bury the past. More courage to be open to whatever and whomever God desires in my life.



You see, the main character (a fiery red-headed Irish girl), is obligated by law to choose a prince.  Her mother, the queen has set the course for her life and the princess has no desire to oblige.  Throughout the movie, we’re taken on a journey of life altering decisions made by the princess.  In turn, her choice makes a profound impact (and almost permanent) on family and the kingdom.

Although some parts in the movie proved to be unnerving and a bit confusing, I understood the premise.  Her initial and final stand of fearlessness is what truly rang out.  She took a risk, learning what worked and what did not.  She chose to stand even in the midst of making others uncomfortable.  Although she learned a valuable lesson in the end, I found her first step of faith admirable.

Christ is calling us too.  Take that step of faith without knowing all that lies ahead.  He has put something tangible on the inside that He wants us to do.  We do NOT have to know all the details, but the time is now to move.  To be bold, courageous, and GO without reservation.  Only you know what He’s destined you to do!  What I’ve discovered is that He’s often waiting on us to step out. So, go ahead.  Take the first step in faith. BE BRAVE and watch God move!

 2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV) For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

How have you found the courage to step out in faith?

Today is March 1st (First day of Lent), the third month into the new year! Have you accomplished everything you wanted to so far?  Get motivated to starting and  finishing strong. LET’S DO THIS!!!


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