Are You Prepared?

Knowledge Triumphs Over Ignorance Royalty Free Stock Photo - 20297515On last weekend, I made my way to Sunday School.  To my surprise (and bit of dismay), my class was given a pop quiz.  Honestly, this news did not sit well with me.  Unfortunately, it had been a while since I’ve gone to Sunday school and made it their on time.  *God is working with me on this issue*.  So, to finally arrive and hear the announcement of a pop quiz was quite perplexing.  I wasn’t prepared.  I quickly gazed at the lesson the night before, but had not truly studied.  However, the quiz given did not cover the lesson for that day.  Nevertheless, the 8 questions covered things that were mentioned months before and those one should know (or at least have an idea) as being a Christian.  Proceeding to answer the questions, I began to reflect on my childhood experience in school.  My teacher would give us study guides in addition to saying, “Make sure you read the chapter”.  Her tests would come from any angle and as students we needed to allow our preparation to reflect so.  As disciples (followers of Christ), we are being tested every single day. 

While we’re waiting on God to deliver His promise singles, He’s waiting for us to dig deeper in Him. And there’s plenty to do, might I add.Our surprise tests may come in the form of relationships, temptations, work, etc.  Hearing news that could potentially turn your world upside down, will you continue to stand on His promises?  Will you stand alone when following the crowd is more popular than following Jesus?  Will you trust Him even when it hurts?  Will you stand in faith during your waiting season?  Will you respond in a Christ-like manner when your emotions scream, “tell them like it is”?  Will they know you’re a Christian by your behavior and actions?  The only way we can be assured of a passing score is by studying-reading and applying His Word. And cultivating a relationship with Him is a vital part of our preparation.  Doesn’t it feel good to know when you have diligently prepared to the best of your ability?  Feeling as if an A is on the way because you put in the time?  My father has always said, you will get out what you have put in!  Prepare yourself for the battle and rigors life may bring.  Our Teacher, and Heavenly Father desires to show His best students off to the world—MAKE HIM PROUD! 

2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV) – Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

-And by the way, I received the highest score! score in my Sunday School class!  I loved my Prize—Thank you Ms. Williams.  J   

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