Happy New Year!

Hey everyone, just wanted to send a great heartfelt thanks and’ Happy New Year To ya’ Stevie Wonder Style! So much in store this year, such as more great posts and opportunities for speaking engagements. In addition, I’m so excited to finish and deliver my first book to you all! My “baby” is almost ready!  Instead of posting once a week, look forward to three posts weekly (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

I’ve already kept one resolution on today. My car is cleaned, vaccuumed, and smells delicious! I am purposefully setting fear aside and taking hold of Faith! My theme this new year? I Belong to You….a song that sums up my feelings and love for Christ. I’m learning to rest in Him (instead of worry) and it feels great!  Please enjoy as I have and may you forever belong to Him who loves you most!

Blessings and Peace for the new year! 🙂

Click on the link below and enjoy the song….

I Belong To You by Willliam McDowell

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