Happy FREEDOM FRIDAY Everyone! I love calling it freedom Friday, because my weekend is free from the good ole’ 9 to 5!  Just wanted to leave you a couple of things to ponder this weekend…

-Be FEARLESS: God has given you the ability to boldly move into all that He’s called you to.

-Be FAITHFUL: It’s all for Him and all about Him. The job He’s given you, do it with all diligence…your Boss is watching you! 🙂

-Be FORGIVEN: He loves you, absolutely! So much so, He sent His son Jesus to prove it. His death and resurrection had to happen in order for you to be forgiven. Don’t hold yourself hostage. Let go and live.

I love you all to pieces, thanks for hanging out with me this week!

Until Monday……

Posted on: January 4, 2013, by : admin

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