Un-Shakable Faith!

Boarding the plane on the way back from a family vacation, I became so engrossed while conversing with a new associate.  For the duration of our flight back to Chicago, we exchanged opinions on life, dreams, and goals.  So engaged in the moment, we were not prepared for our plane’s sudden change in elevation.  The slight loss in altitude and turbulence that proceeded thereafter, forced a change we were not prepared for.  Looking into the eyes of my associate, I sensed fear as he silently wondered if we would indeed arrive safely to our destination.  With un-shaken confidence, I explained to him that we would in fact, reach Chicago unharmed.  My confidence stemmed from my belief that God made promises of what was to come in my life.  Because I knew He was a promise keeper, they had to come to past!  As long as I was on that plane, in my opinion, it (and everyone on) would be okay. J  To my astonishment, our conversation and experience, turned into a witnessing opportunity.  He was curious as to why my fear did not consume me during that time.  Yes, the situation made me very uncomfortable, I explained. And I wished our ride were smooth sailing.  However, I knew without reservation, that God would fulfill all that He promised.  I had to go beyond what I was currently experiencing, and instead, hold onto truth (as well as my seatbelt).  Despite our ups and downs on the plane ride, I too was amazed how God not only used me.  But, at the same time, built my faith in Him even more.  He provided an awesome metaphor for life: Unexpected turbulence or challenges will occur.  Have no fear, because faith is not based on what we can see or currently experience.   However, Faith is built on The Solid Rock which is Jesus.   In spite of it all, His promises will come to past as He said.  If you are experiencing “change in elevation” on life’s journey, continue to stand firm, holding onto His promises.   He has the power to turn your turbulence into triumphs and your fear into faith!   

 Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


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